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Can I speak to someone about how the consultation works prior to donating?

Of course!  Click here to send us an email or request a phone call. Remember DesignGivers is a 501(C)3 pending that was born in the CornonaVirus crisis. We are all volunteers but we will get back to you. Be sure to review all the FAQ’s to see if you what you are looking for is there.

Am I under any obligation to purchase anything from the designer?

Absolutely not. You are under no obligation to purchase anything from the designer you’ve selected. You are welcome to contact the designer after the session if you would like to continue working together and discuss their business practices directly.

Will I be purchasing items at a trade discount?

You will not be purchasing anything during your consultation and any solicitation is a violation of the Designers Terms and Conditions. You are welcome to contact the designer after the session if you would like to continue working together and discuss their business practices and any trade discounts directly.

How do I know where my donation is going?

DesignGivers will post any and all donations it receives as soon as the funds clear the bank. Once that happens, DesignGivers will post all proceeds to the current charities being supported on a monthly basis. You will also see the direct link to the charity on the reporting page if you would like to confirm directly.

How soon can I schedule my consultation?

Each designers has dates and times they are available to meet

Is there a limit to how many consultations I can request?

You can meet with as many designers as you want but there is only one consultation per donation and you are limited to one consultation per designer.

What happens if there is a problem with my appointment?

If you need to reschedule your consultation, it is up to the designers discretion to reschedule. If for some reason you can not come to an agreement you will have the option to select another designer. If your designer does not keep the appointment you will be able to go back and try to reschedule or select another designer to work with.

How do the sessions happen?

You will receive an invitation from your designer, likely in the form of a ZOOM meeting. Some designers are recording the meetings which is not to be used for profit but may be used to help raise awareness about DesignGivers and its mission.

What can I expect from my video collaboration?

Each DesignGivers, Ltd Designer has listed some ideas of what kind of collaboration you might focus on during your collaboration and have indicated if they are open to other ideas.  30 minutes is not a long design meeting so it helps to plan ahead.

What’s the best way to plan to get the most from my collaboration?

  • Make sure you have a tape measure and a pen and paper for notes.
  • You want to prioritize what you want to focus on and give thought to what your goals are. For example, if your family room is not working for you know if you need more seating, if there is a glare on the TV or it’s too dark to read.
  • Make sure your technology is working.
  • Whether or not you are having your session recorded why not get dressed for the event. After all, we’re talking about design and style and you want your designer to get a sense of your personal style as well.
  • Make sure you can give the session your full attention and will not be interrupted. Shut off your cell phone ringer and try to keep your house quiet. Thirty minutes will go by very quickly when you are brainstorming with talent and rethinking your space so plan and stay focused.