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Lindsey’s ability to apply architectural principles to her work stems from her training at Tulane University where she received a Masters of Architecture. Armed with this knowledge, her early career was spent as an architect at high end residential firms in New York City, where she grew up. To broaden her experience, Lindsey moved to a hospitality and retail interior design firm, where she could hone her architectural skills while gaining design experience working on projects around the globe.

Design Approach

The key to L. Bonime Design’s work is defining the function of a space and considering what it will embody. This is established through a distinct process tailored to suit each client’s design goals and lifestyle needs. L. Bonime Design is relentless in ensuring the work reflects those who occupy a space more than it does their own personal taste or vision. While every room touched has a strong point of view, LBD’s main objective isn’t to design a body of work with a signature style, but rather, to create an inspired portfolio that expresses the desires and dreams of those inhabiting the space. LBD takes pride in approaching each project thoughtfully and patiently, realizing that people’s homes are more than just a collection of possessions, but rather, a deeply personal reflection of their values and desires.

Session Services Offered

Potential Renovation, Redesign of Current Home, Discuss Building a New Residence or Expansion, Focus on one Room, Find ways to use space differently

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