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Cara Boyce

Red Wagon Design


Red Wagon Design, created by founder/president Cara Boyce in 2009, is a full-service interior design studio located in Westchester County, NY. We focus primarily on residential spaces and define our mission as “making homes happier.” A former creative marketing director for a retail/fashion management consulting firm, Cara’s unusual combination of aesthetic acumen and relentless attention to detail drives a growing design collaborative with happy clients throughout Manhattan, Westchester, Connecticut and beyond.

Design Approach

As a former marketer, Cara knows that success comes from exceeding the expectations of the target audience. Her job satisfaction derives from transforming a space with client-centered design that works functionally and promotes happy living. Cara’s style is transitional: she loves to mix things up! She has an obsession with wallpaper and she never overlooks the potential of a ceiling to be so much more than white… Red Wagon Design believes that the designer’s role is to bring a client’s wishes to fruition by adding creativity, knowledge, and experience (and a bunch of industry connections help, too). Good design should be collaborative and inclusive, and should always make you happy.

Session Services Offered

Potential Renovation, Redesign of Current Home, Discuss Building a New Residence or Expansion, Refresh Current Color Palette & Style, Focus on one Room, Creating Guest Rooms, Playroom and other areas, Work from Home, Reduce Clutter, Organizational Ideas, Find ways to use space differently, Lighting, Stage for Sale, Art Consultancy

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