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Eryn Oruncak

Elan Design LLC


My love of decorating started early on, but I considered it a hobby. I studied International Business at George Washington University in the hopes of dealing in the global fabric marketplace. Though throughout college I worked for Political Fundraisers and was introduced to the Social List of Washington. I started a company called HoneyDo that basically administered what they needed managed. For most of them it was their small businesses. And it just happened to be that among my clients were two architects, an A-List Interior Designer, and a Real Estate Developer. Their homes and offices brought the pages of the magazines I studied into reality, and that's where I discovered that interior design was much more than a hobby. That was about 20 - 25 years ago. My love of travel and art brought me the most beautiful inspiration; however, no better inspiration could have come than what my daughter gave to me. While pregnant with her, I started painting. And that is when I discovered the breadth of my creative talents. I sold my first painting in 2014. Ten years ago, when I was designing my home, I had in the back of my mind that it would be my business card. It became just that, and in 2014 I began charging for my design services. Elan Design LLC was established in July 2016.

Design Approach

Creating your environment should be fun. I've come to understand it is also the opportune time for a personal introspective. How do you feel? How do you function? What do you wear? When we find the answer to these questions, we define tangible items to use in the space. They then combine together with other \\\"form and function\\\" objects to build a completed, cohesive room. The goal of having a home that supports your lifestyle is absolutely possible, and provides such value to your being. The joy that my clients experience is the greatest reward.

Session Services Offered

Potential Renovation, Redesign of Current Home, Refresh Current Color Palette & Style, Focus on one Room, Creating Guest Rooms, Playroom and other areas, Work from Home, Home Schooling, Gain privacy, Find ways to use space differently, Lighting, Art Consultancy

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